Cornell Summer School lectures

Slides for some talks

Multidimensional Percolation (2010)

Random sorting networks (PIMS / U Washington Colloquium, Seattle USA, 2010)

Matching, allocation, and coupling (British probability meeting, Bath UK, 2009)

Is seeing believing? Cellular automata in theory and experiment (Canadian undergraduate mathematics conference, Toronto Canada, 2008; Experience Theory Project, U Washington, 2010)

Associated demos and animations

Sorting networks simulation (Windows ZIP)

Cellular automaton rules for the venerable and excellent Mirek's Cellebration:

Bootstrap percolation
Packard's snowflakes
Biham-Middleton-Levine traffic model

To run MCell in Windows 7 or Vista, try setting to XP mode and disabling visual effects.
.dll files should go in UserDLLs\DLLs\ , and .mcp (color palettes) in System\ .
.mcl files are suitable initial configurations, and Delphi sources (.dpr) are included.

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